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Xing Che
Ph. D., Founder/CEO
• Computational chemist and biophysicist
• AIDD algorithms development
• Molecular dynamics
• Thermodynamics and kinetics modelling
James Kuo, MD. MBA.
CEO and Co-founder of TRYP Therapeutics (CSE TRYP.CN)
Chairman of the Board ImmunoPrecise Antibodies LTD (NASDAQ IPA)
Dr. R Sullivan
Head of Medicinal Chemistry
•over 20 years of medicinal chemistry experience
•leadership positions at PYC Therapeutics, Protagonist, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Kemia, Neurocrine and Signal Pharmaceuticals
•Dir. Drug Development at NovoMedix
•B.S in Chemistry from UC Santa Barbara and a PH.D. in chemistry from UC Irvine
Dr. S. Zhou
Head of AIDD
•Molecular dynamics
•Molecular modeling
•AI methods development
R. Wang
Chief Operating Officer
Serial successful entrepreneur
Former startup ARR $3M
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